There are 50 portraits and 50 audio stories. Mounted below each portrait is a wooden box containing an audio player and headphones. The stories range from 4 to 6 minutes each. Many sites have used this exhibit as the centerpiece for related programming including panel discussions, lectures, student field trips, public radio and other educational activities.

Installation on Walls in Museums and Galleries

"About Hunger & Resilience" can be installed on walls in formal museums and galleries - or almost anywhere with the optional easel installation.

Optional Easel Installation

The optional easel installation has been specially designed to hold the photographs, lights and audio components and can be installed in universities, libraries, community centers, food banks and conferences.

Space Requirements

Each portrait with its accompanying wooden audio box and headphone takes approximately 5 to 10 running feet. The ideal space for walls and easel installation is between 200 to 400 feet. Some museums and universities provide much larger spaces.

Venues with smaller spaces can use the easel installation which can be installed around and through the room. The minimum space requirement is approximately 150 to 200 feet.

Photographs & Audio

All photographs are made using an 8 x 10 view camera. Photographs are black & white warm toned silver darkroom prints. Each image is enlarged and mounted on 24" x 30" archival board.

Audio narratives are recorded, edited and mastered using Bias-Peak and Deck software. I met with each person over a period of two to four days. The stories were edited from multiple interviews with the approval of each participant.

Rental Agreement & Shipping

A small deposit is due upon signing of the Rental Agreement. The balance of rental payment is due upon delivery and installation of exhibit. Total cost of shipping depends on location of venue and includes delivery and removal of the exhibit by truck.

Cost & Availability

Contact artist or representative. Promotional material available upon request.


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