About Children of Children

"Parents and schools should make viewing this show mandatory for every teenager in the county. These photographs are far more passionate and powerful than any words of wisdom we impart. ."



Children of Children, Portraits and Stories of Teenage Parents is a multimedia traveling exhibition by photographer Michael Nye. The exhibit is a collection of stories of men and women ranging in age from 12 to 100 whose lives have been crucially affected by teenage pregnancy.

This powerful exhibition features 50 BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS, each accompanied by AUDIO STORIES told by the individuals in the portraits. Each narrative offers clarifying insights.

This multimedia exhibit is a catalyst for family, student and community discussions as it explores teen pregnancy and parenting in its full context - without criticism or approval - in a non-threatening setting. These voices will enlarge awareness and understanding.

This exhibition can be installed anywhere - on the walls of major museums/galleries OR presented with an alternative easel construction, in community centers, universities and high schools. Viewers of this exhibit listen to the narratives through headphones mounted by each portrait.


"Children of Children exhibit is one of the most powerful public health promotion strategies I have ever seen. It conveys a compelling message in an engaging and emotionally stirring format. It is a work of art, and public practice at its finest."

Deanna Davis, Spokane Regional Health District



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